Learn About Fashion & Fashion DesignEdit

This wiki has a specific educational goal and organization strategy to achieve a simplistic guide to fashion and the components of apparel.

It is easier to name some examples of outcomes the wiki seeks to avoid:

  1. A variety of disorganized articles scattered around for people to browse around haphazardly.
  2. An overwhelming amount of information in general, and/or scarcity in genuinely useful information.
  3. Content that is inaccessible to a total newcomer, failing to explain the importance of the information it relays.

Therefore, to achieve the goals of creating just the right amount of relevant, organized information, the wiki strives to convey the concepts of fashion by following these principles of its information design and flow:

  • First, the most important, introductory, and general-scope concepts are summarized. People want immediate understanding of the basics.
  • Next, the context and its relevance of said main concept is prioritized. This information should be brief and directly to the point.
  • After this, we arrange information according to two factors: one is temporally (from the earliest time period forward), the other is spatially (from the topmost placement downward). Information descends in specificity and bodily location.
  • If the article is to be referenced by others, then a block containing a blurb summarizing the above information in service of the article is created. The idea being that rather than link article-to-article, that articles are linked to small supplementary information, to keep the reader focused on the article they were currently on. This to prevent the "TV Tropization" of the wiki.

Where to Start Learning About Fashion Edit

The article will begin with an explanation of the concept of fashion, arranged in a series called the Brief Introduction to Fashion.


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